Giving thought to funeral arrangements for yourself or another family member can often appear daunting; it can, however, provide peace of mind and need not be entered into in a morbid manner. We provide many levels of planning, from informal chats about the subject in general, to discussing specific options and answering the many questions which may arise when thinking about the future. You may wish simply to have your wishes recorded on file in our office, or link these instructions to a pre-paid funeral plan.

We understand that funeral costs can be a huge concern and many people don't want to leave their loved ones to deal with a huge expense at an already difficult time. There can also be peace of mind in knowing that your wishes are fully understood and will be carried out, and that all of our services will be covered regardless of how much costs and fees have increased.

Everyone has a different idea about their ideal send off and your wishes are special, so we're more than happy to have a no obligation chat to discuss setting up a plan to suit you. Deciding to buy a funeral plan and making personal arrangements is not something to be done lightly, and we don’t mind how often you call us. Each plan is bespoke and we are here to make sure it is exactly right for you.

We work with the UK's largest independent funeral plan providers, Golden Charter, who only arrange plans through independent funeral directors such as ourselves. Golden Charter are British owned and run, with high commitment to customer service. The company is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority and the only plan provider recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. Together, A.L. Sole & Son and Golden Charter offer you complete peace of mind at every level. You can be sure that your money is protected and when the time comes, you can trust us to make sure your instructions are carried out to the letter.

You choose how you want to pay, and your money goes into the Golden Charter Trust or to a leading assurance company, where it is invested until needed. When the time comes we receive payment, plus any growth, to provide the services you chose. All it take to organise your funeral when the time comes is a phone call from your family.